Statement of Solidarity with our Asian American Allies

Statement of Solidarity with our Asian American Allies

For Immediate Release
Thurs, 04/01/2021
Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits

SEATTLE —Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits (SUNN) stand in solidarity with our Asian American allies with a commitment to strengthen our coalitions in unity against Anti-Asian racism.

As a Native-led collaborative, we write to express our community’s outrage against the tragic murders in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 16, 2021. We acknowledge the pain, fear, and sadness that so many of our Asian relatives feel and we want you to know that you are not alone. We stand with you and hold space for the grief of this moment. Out of respect for the families and community, we are not listing their names. We extend our hearts to the victims and families of this tragedy. We stand beside you in the fight against racist and gender-based violence. We are with you. We see you.

Anti-Asian racism is not new. Propaganda has fueled new hate crimes against an entire community. The violence of colonization and the impacts on Indigenous, African and Black peoples, and recent anti-Asian sentiment shows white supremacy still exists. Our shared histories of atrocities, oppression and racism bring us opportunities to join in solidarity to forge a better future.

This violence reminds us of all the continued work we must do. We call on all communities to deepen solidarity and coalitions. Let us fight together to keep decolonial visions at the center of all our collective struggles. Especially during this time of disconnection, SUNN encourages community members to reach out to each other and offer support.

To begin, we want to lift up and bring attention to the important work of the following organizations:

Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)

Asian and Pacific Islanders Chaya

Asian Pacific Islanders Americans for Civic Engagement

Chinese Information and Service Center

International Community Health Services

In the spirit of Our Ancestors,

Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits:

Chief Seattle Club
Duwamish Tribal Services
Indigenous Showcase
Na’ah Illahee Fund
National Urban Indian Family Coalition
Native American Women’s Dialog on Infant Mortality
Native Action Network
Northwest Justice Project, Native American Unit
Potlatch Fund
Red Eagle Soaring
United Nations of All Tribes Foundation
Urban Native Education Alliance

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